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Top tips for a dog-friendly yacht charter

Thinking of booking a boat charter and don’t want to leave your four-legged family member behind? Here at Bowman Yacht Charters we offer dog-friendly yacht charters so your dog can enjoy the sailing experience alongside you. 

Here’s some top tips for bringing your dog on your boat charter…

Get your dog used to being onboard a boat

It will take your dog a little while to get used to the noise, sights and the sensation of being on a boat. It’s a good idea to take your dog onboard a boat before your charter, walk them around a boat, and try and take them on an initial short boat trip first. 

These short trips are useful for making them feel comfortable as the deck moves and if there is a loud motor rumbling. Easing them into this will make them feel more relaxed onboard so you can all enjoy your charter experience.

Make sure you have a canine life jacket 

Whenever you are taking a pet onboard a boat you should bring along a life jacket for them – even the best swimming dogs or water breeds will benefit from wearing one. It can help dogs swim longer and keep them safe when currents are strong and the water is choppy. Most dog safety jackets have convenient handles so you can lift or help your pet get into the boat if you stop for a swim.

Take a dog first aid kit and supplies onboard

Just like us humans, your dogs can become injured onboard. Most pet stores will stock items like a self-cling bandage and antibiotic ointments. Dogs can also get seasick too – check with your vet about medicines or remedies you can take onboard to help with this. 

Being too safe never hurts and having a first aid kit for your dog will take your mind off any worries, so you can fully relax and enjoy your boat charter with your best furry friend. Make sure you take some familiar items onboard with you so they feel at ease, such as their blanket, maybe their favourite toy and treats.

Be prepared for when nature calls

Getting your dog used to being onboard a boat will help to train your dog to do ‘their business’ in the right place. Animal faeces can pollute the water, so it’s best practice to take the necessary items to have good sanitary practice onboard and keep the environment clean and safe by cleaning up after your pet.

Be aware of your dog overheating

Being on a yacht charter means a lot of fun, potentially in the sun, but intense heat and too much exposure to the sun can be bad for your dog. Make sure you allocate them a place on the boat to keep cool. Ensure there is a bowl of fresh water for your dog during your charter.

Your dog can really learn to love time onboard a charter yacht just as much as you do – keep these tips in mind if you’re planning on taking your dog with you and you’ll have a great time on the water with them!

If you’re looking to book a dog-friendly boat charter this year, check out our chartering options on our website here

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